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Piloti flooring & Ground-level flooring

Stairs with 1 to 7 steps, for a floor height from 18 to 200 cm, with a maximum height of 160 cm at the front of the lodge.
Handrail (optional).


Ground-level flooring

Stairs from 1 to 10 steps only for the MOOREA model (H 200 cm).
Pre-cut of 27 x 145 mm deck boards for quick and easy assembly and an insulation system with an under floor tarpaulin to prevent cold draughts rising inside the tent.

NB: only the posts need to be trimmed to adjust the floor level.

Piloti flooring

TRIGANO floors are top of the range in terms of durability achieved by selecting the very best wood from certified
Scandinavian forests.
They are made from wooden deck boards autoclaved to European

Stilt flooring is long-lasting, stable and adaptable to any terrain, so you don't need to dig up your land.

Mounted on gravelled slabs, the floor frame is composed of 95 x 45 mm joists and 120 x 45 mm crosspieces.

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