High-end cotton tipi shelter 

Large entrance door with mosquito net
Floor mats stitched to the roof.

Gobi 8

  • A 100% Cotton Tipi with a maximum capacity of 8 people.
  • An atypical habitat with appreciable comfort because of a roof made entirely of very breathable cotton.
  • The entrance door is wide enough to encourage air circulation.
  • Two large windows with a rolling shutter for more brightness
  • The volume of the tipi allows a good evacuation of moisture.
  • A single central mast can take full advantage of the entire volume.
  • Teepee design allows curbs to stay vertical
  • The bowl-shaped carpet protects the tipi from rising water and plants

Floor: 5.22 x 5.36 (27.98 m²) – 16 posts
Adjustable pilings from 18 to 92 cm
Stairs from 1 to 4 steps

Technical data


  • Roof : 100% cotton 290 gr/m2.
  • Diameter: 400 cm.

Screen door.
Mosquito net ventilation in half-moon with shutters.
PVC windows with shutters.
Ventilation ducts on the top.

  • Floor mats: PVC Tarpaulin 480 gr / m2.
  • Central mast: steel 250 cm Ø 32 mm
  • Door support: steel Ø 22 mm.
  • Bag size: 89x29 cm.
  • Weight: 23 kg.


Download the assembly instructions Gobi 8


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