CaraïbesA classic bungalow, the traditional holiday home
2 versions of this Lodge (2 or 3 bedrooms) that can accommodate from 4 to 6 people

Great value for money, with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Made from PVC, the Caraïbes Bungalow can stay up all year round (except in areas with heavy snowfall). Each bedroom has a fabric lining to keep out draughts and insects, and smart
storage solutions to make the most of the interior space.

The Caraïbes Bungalow can house 4 people in 2 bedrooms, separated by a wardrobe.
This is the ideal bungalow for guests who want the pleasure of a holiday under a canvas roof, the nostalgia of their childhood holidays and all the comfort they expect from a modern holiday home.

The 3-bedroom Caraïbes Bungalow

Maximising the sleeping potential of a smaller space.

The Caraïbes Bungalow is also available with 3 bedrooms, housing 6 people in a 20m² space. This is ideal for group holidays, or for young people on holiday with their friends.

General characteristics
Bungalow floor coverage 4,40 x 4,40 m (19,36 m²)
Number of people 4 (for the 2-bedroom) or 6 (for the 3-bedroom)
Number of bedrooms 2 or 3 depending the version
Mosquito netting and windows 1 shutter (crystal and opaque on the outside) in each bedroom + mosquito netting
3 shutters (crystal and opaque on the outside) in the living room + mosquito netting
Frame Galvanised steel, diameter 30 x 1.5mm
Interior canvas Cotton velum 200g/m²
Exterior canvas, wall and gable Coated PVC 650g/m² – M2
Roof canvas Coated PVC 650g/m² – M2
Canvas tightening Tension bar on the walls
Roof-frame attachment system Tighteners and hooks
Facade Facade with double door, zip closing.  Padlock locking (not included)
Ground-level terrace with canvas shade
Ground-level flooring (4.54 x 2.45m) 11.12m²
Made from 27 x 145mm wooden planks,
Class 4 autoclave-treated according to European standards, sourced from certified Scandinavian forests
95 x 45mm strips and 120 x 45mm cross ties, under-floor tarpaulin to prevent plant growth,
stainless steel screw fittings
SOLTIS 86 micro-aerated canvas shade – 380g/m²
Mounted on four Class 4 autoclave-treated pine logs, 80mm diameter
Galvanised steel post supports and rust-brown polyester paint finish
Foot reinforcement plates in galvanised steel
Piloti-mounted flooring 4,64 x 5,36 (24,87 m²) – 16 poles
Class 4 autoclave-treated according to European standards
Flooring can be adjusted from 18 to 92cm to adapt to the terrain
Wooden planks 27 x 145mm, sourced from certified Scandinavian forests Fitted with twelve
90 x 90mm posts 95 x 45mm strips and 120 x 45mm cross ties,
Under-floor tarpaulin to exclude draughts
Stainless steel screw
1 to 4-step staircase
Installation on gravel-covered slabs

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A classic bungalow, the traditional holiday home

Flooring, sleeping, kitchenware, crockery, electricity kits ...

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